There actually are fewer gay people living in the heartland and even most cities in the Midwest

IMO the schools going is perhaps the best thing that can happen to people in these communities. IMO the idea of 'family values' is actually often a codeword for racism. Originally posted by frankencaster: I think the ironic thing is we're talking about basically red state territory.

Originally Posted by tallrick. What you say is very true. Now, Iowa City, which I presume jschmeling is talking about, and I am very familiar with, is a few steps above the community I grew up in, simply because it is a much larger town with a larger and more prestigious university. In the end, there had to be threats of a lawsuit against the school before they took some action.

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  • I was born in a small town and partially grew up in small towns Small Town Nebraska.
  • If so, I welcome it. To hell with America?
  • To answer the second question, I think the answer is yes. The loss of manufacturing jobs is also troubling for these towns since that's where a lot of folks traditionally found their employment.
  • Oh yes. It's not merely an american phenomenon and it's by no means anything new.

Americans go to Paris and eat as much as we want, yet gain nothing, that same behavior here lands you in elastic waist pants! Il y a des règles de bases comme faire 3 repas par jour, ne pas manger entre les repas et réduire le sucre au maximum.

I saw it right there. Moving abroad is much more than a new apartment and a new subway card. To be continued!!! Les effets de la conteneurisation.

There actually are fewer gay people living in the heartland and even most cities in the Midwest
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