Gay dating app Grindr is under fire for sharing information about users HIV status or locati

Graduate Quantum as an Undergrad Aug 01, Grindr chief technology officer Scott Chen sought to distance the dating app's public relations mishap from the Facebook scandal, calling the sharing no more than "industry standard practice. User comments. But a wave of advocacy organizations and users say the revelations are a serious violation of trust and privacy—with some worrying the news could undercut recommendations from HIV prevention experts to regularly get tested and disclose HIV status with potential sexual partners.

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  • And they warned having sex without a condom, having multiple sexual partners and having sex while under the influence of alcohol or drugs can also increase the risk of suffering an STI. Keystone intervenes in the preventive, proactive and response aspects by offering a complete service list for multiple industries.
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  • Dan Wohlfeiler, a public health expert who directs the organization Building Healthy Online Communities, said open conversations about HIV are vital—and "apps play a key role in helping those conversations happen. Your message to the editors.
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  • Please sign in to add a comment. Experts had greeted with enthusiasm efforts from the self-proclaimed world's largest gay dating app to promote regular HIV testing and status disclosure—but the effort backfired badly with the revelation that Grindr was sharing the data, prompting calls for a boycott.

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Gay dating app Grindr is under fire for sharing information about users HIV status or locati
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