Just as the homosexual community has done

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They further argue that the same-sex marriage movement within the gay community discriminates against families that are composed of three or more intimate partners. Retrieved 1 January For instance, there have been teachers that are homosexual and did not bring their intimate life into their work place, yet they were still terminated from their jobs because of their choice of sexual partners.

Just because someone is a homosexual, does not mean that we persecute them, call them names, sue them for not agreeing with us, or get laws passed to silence them.

Parce que les jeunes homos ne se montrent pas si visibles

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Le comportement des jeunes dans le contexte du sida, La Découverte Recherches , Paris. Most of these men began their sex lives before , when there was no information on the epidemic, although it was already anchored in this group. Gays may well tend to overstate opprobrium or rejection, as Weinberg and Williams have suggested; however, the gap between the normative tolerance observed in the general public Paicheler, and attitudes within the family is considerable.

This caused widespread outrage among conservatives in France, despite both same-sex marriage and LGBT adoption having being legal in the country for six years. Thus, the process of emancipation follows a pattern that varies greatly depending on the individual's social position and, consequently, the mobility specific to male homo-bisexuals that we have described above is very diversely distributed.

Just as the homosexual community has done
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