It can also be dreadfully boring if you live in a small town where you meet few mature gay men

Or arguing against economic transactions because someone stole from you once? October 31, at am. Very well said, sir or madam. There are some girls that aren't gorgeous or very pretty but they are confident and don't have low self esteem.

Thanks, excellent post, especially the jealousy part! I think the tone of this comment is a little harsh, but it brings up a good question. If that diagnosis is right, then… yeah, I confess total failure.

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  • I knew I pirated Pimsleur French for a reason :.
  • But I do see a lot of other guys around. There are loads of perfect girls in New York, apparently like five times more than there are guys.
  • But it only takes one minute on the site to realize that most of the photos are of models and celebrities who are mostly young, thin, and white. It is terrible that people HAVE to be touched up before they will sell.
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  • Even if there are competing comparisons that may or may not be just as valid that argue in the opposite direction, that the prejudiced are right to worry?
  • It just wants to go with what works for most people. I know this makes me just unbearably reactionary and uncool, but to me that seems like highly relevant information, which, Scott, you kind of dance around in the opening post.
  • Some stuff suggests that students need to be educated in good schools from the beginning and need other support systems from an early age otherwise better schools are wasted later on.
  • Everything that follows is based on introspection and my observations of poly people.
  • Andrew Rettek says:. Jonathan says:.
  • You spend all this time worrying about it and preparing for it and thinking it is going to be this dreadfully imposing enemy, and in the end it sends one guy with a bomb in his shoes onto a plane, whom you arrest without incident.

And you are one of them, Stay cool and not perfect and enjoy your NYC, the way you see it and love it. It can be a slippery road when you prioritize beauty in my opinion. As far as photoshop goes, I think that it has its place in creating a beautiful fantasy of images.

It can also be dreadfully boring if you live in a small town where you meet few mature gay men
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