AtticusBennett: He calls gay people fruitloops because his dad used the same language

People like you are so fake on so many levels. Be yourself, If you keep running into someone, ask them if they want to get lunch or see a concert. Unnamed pain takes part in decisions. Gay and straight. Some of you guys have more going on in your pants than in your head.

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  • Are you insane? Talk about a bunch of egotistical self righteous set of idiots nobody would ever want to be friends with!
  • Tough to find mutual interests and sensibilities.
  • They talk to you. Because I can easily fall head-over-heels for the right guy, I was afraid to get too close to him because of that distance issue.
  • It is also a capacity to draw lines, bottom line balance. It is tough, you should spend time with people you like.
  • Leonidas Aubin true. Which is okay until this becomes boring.
  • AtticusBennett : I think that Atticus has made some very good points about internalized homophobia. So ass backwards.

We have a duty to keep their memory alive at the heart of our collective remembrance. Pourtant, même Wikipedia parle de sa relation avec Descoings…. His sexuality would be irrelevant were it not for the fact that the state of his hotel room has all the hallmarks of a rough-trade encounter that went wrong.

PR: My own interest, my own field of work is Chinese literature and Chinese painting.

AtticusBennett: He calls gay people fruitloops because his dad used the same language
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