And Manjam have been hailed as success stories gay men could

Bush, we were sick of being excluded, sick of being hated. In short, the President used Mother's Day weekend to say thank you to those women -- from Margeret Sanger to Bella Abzug to Shirley Chisholm to Ruth Bader Ginsburg -- who fought civil rights battles on behalf of women.

The user shikoo lives in Alexandria, is 26 years old, identifies as gay, HIV-, and bottom only. So while it's pretty exciting to see a couple of gay men wielding so much influence in an industry where being gay is still a scarlet letter for actors, it's also a little frightening to see what happens when they try to use that power to shut down reports that impact them personally.

This principle reminds us to situate particular phenomena as products of their specific contexts. Layla reluctantly tells Carlotta that "The Book" is for a friend of theirs, and that Cristian is not gay. Halls's camp wasn't successful in getting the gay celeb blogger to remove the item, but Boy Culture did take down the photos by "kind request.

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And Manjam have been hailed as success stories gay men could
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